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This forum is for the YouTube gmv studio called Guardians. This is also the host site of the 2012 vgmv/amv Nomination Awards.
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 Niu Heimar Ofridr [Nine World War]

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PostSubject: Niu Heimar Ofridr [Nine World War]   Niu Heimar Ofridr [Nine World War] Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2012 7:26 pm

Niu Heimar Ofridr [Nine World War]

Hosted By AzenaKira

There are many Loki's. Just as there are many Thor's. Each
one is distinctly himself. And yet constrained by certain universalities.

If you could look into the future would you?

Do you really want to know your fate?

The fate of Loki, is that which you see before you. For his
crimes, the god of mischief is chained for eternity to a rock, during which
time-ENOUGH! I reject this outright. I now rule Asgardr. I cease to be the
trickster and are henceforth now Lord of All. Thor, my brother, is to die at

Two Brothers Torn Apart By Fate . . . Or By Choice?

Do you ever think this is not the way it's supposed to be?

Do you ever just know something's gone terribly wrong?

So do the gods.

The eternal battle between good and evil takes a dark turn.

Vanaheimr, Alfheimr, Midgardr, Jotunheimr, Nidavellir,
Muspell, Nifhel, Hel.

Your origin does not decide your fate. Take your destiny,
and that of the Yggdrasil into your own hands. How will you aid Asgardr? Can
you save Thor? Or will you aid Loki?

The fate of the Yggdrasil, will be decided by YOU.

that I have your attention... Here is some information on this contest
as I am sure it will be confusing. If you have ANY questions, please
post a comment here and I will try to answer you.

This contest is
based off of Norse Mythology as well as a series called Blood Brothers.
This is an all out war between Thor and Loki and they're going to
destroy the Yggdrasil. What is that? It's best described as a tree
connecting all the realms.

Your goal in this contest is as followed:
choose your race (this comes with pros and cons vs other races as well
as pros for what footage you use). Your race decides the realm you come
from as well.
You choose who you will support. Thor or Loki.
Obviously supporting Thor; you're trying to save the current realm
system and Loki, you're trying to change it.
You will battle against people of the OPPOSITE SUPPORTER as the contest progresses.
Topics for rounds can range from colours, themes, characters, stories, song titles, letters, etc.
Loosing does NOT mean you are OUT.

What happens if you LOSE?
are transported to Valhalla. If you know the history about this place,
awesome. If not: The dead are summoned for a great meal. The losers of
each round will gather in Valhalla and all be given the same topic to
create a video to. The top scorer of that round, will be brought back to
life by Odin to continue the battle. The losers are out for good.
Ex. You lose during round 1. You are transported to Valhalla for round 2. If you WIN, you are brought back into round 3.

TO WIN: You must be the last editor standing.
this contest prove successful I will start a second version based on
the winning editors god. (If Thor wins one story, if Loki wins a
different one).

IF SO PM ME either
here on IVI or on YT. Do NOT post a comment if you want to judge. Judges
will NOT be announced until the END of the contest so that participants
do not know who they are.

Judges Count: 4 (no max yet)

Race Choices: Vanaheimr [gods], Alfheimr [elves], Midgardr [humans], Jotunheimr [giants], Nidavellir [dwarves],
Muspell [fire elemental], Nifhel [water elemental], Hel [corpses].

Asgardr is for judges.

How to sign up to participate:
Please comment or PM the following information
YT Username:
Editing Program:
Top 3 Desired Races:
Support: (Loki or Thor)
Anything Else?:

trying to keep it narrowed down to a certain number of participants of
each race. This is early signups and another signup VIDEO will be posted
sometime this month.
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Niu Heimar Ofridr [Nine World War]
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